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Dongguan Sinogreenery Arts and Crafts Co.,Ltd
Contact: Kurt Tian
Tel: 86-769-82218176
Mobile: 18816815837
Email: kurt@sinogreenery.com
Website: www.sinogreenery.com
Address: Rd QiaoChang, Qiaotou Village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
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1. The product and service philosophy: make the home feel better
          "Make the home feel better" is the company products and services on the guiding ideology and basic principle, is our commitment to the broad masses of customers.

2. The team concept: caring, communication, coordination, tolerance and understanding
          "Care, communication, coordination, tolerance and understanding", is the company's people-oriented, care staff's concrete manifestation, is the basic ideas of strengthening the construction of staff team and guiding principle, expressed the jingchuang's determination to forging into a harmonious, pioneering and aggressive, and hold world with virtue, hony team.

3. The staff ethics: loyalty gratitude to perform implementation
          Loyalty over competence, loyalty is not speak conditions, loyalty is not return; Chang huaikang Thanksgiving heart, abiding gratitude; Execution and implementation.

Dongguan Sinogreenery Arts and Crafts Co.,Ltd