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The simulation process of plant landscape configuration design
Data: 2014/3/10      Hit: 3820

The basic process of landscape plant configuration in the design phase generally include the following three areas:

1, the plant landscape type selection and layout,

2, the plant landscape type selection and layout of the plant individuals,

Check the review 3, system, namely the quality assurance process.

(a) plant landscape type selection and layout

In a nutshell, is plant landscape type plant community configuration together revealed the external representation of type. Linear doers of the word, for example, forest, Lin isolated trees, the bushes, hedge, cover, lawn, convex glass and so on. Plant landscape type selection and layout design, such as forests, namely the linear doers of the word, isolated trees, the bushes, hedge, cover, lawn and so on plant landscape types rather than individual plants as a design element space configuration, stylist to be arranged as a whole to consider where the what kind of plant landscape types. Plant landscape type selection and layout of the first stems from the overall layout of landscape structure, on which the structural landscape layout. Structural landscape layout mainly determine the overall landscape framework of design area. It is mainly based on the overall landscape intention of customer needs and the needs of the overall aesthetic principles to build landscape framework. Structural landscape layout to some extent is equivalent to landscape framework.

Second plant landscape type selection and layout of the stems from the need of function, which described in the functional landscape layout. Shade needs, the needs of the function, such as a place somewhere need to stop outside the line of sight in the forest or isolated noise, tree-lined road, square, shade, etc., is a landscape type selection and layout of the basic.

Again from the landscaping design need, such as overall arrangement of landscape line layout, landscape, a perspective to soften, some places need to increase the color or the level of change, and so on. Sometimes is the result of other special transition or landscape layout needs.

As a design element, the plant landscape type also has such as color, size, texture, shape and space scale elements such as characteristics of plant landscape type selection and layout work is based on the plant landscape type characteristics of these elements rather than characteristics of the elements of a plant landscape types of individual plant, and follow the principle of plant configuration theory of design and technique to design creation. Plant landscape types is made up of many kinds of plants, the elements of their features are the elements of individual and highly correlated, but not equal to the elements of an individual plant characteristics or more simple superposition characteristic of individual plant elements. The elements of individual plants and sometimes show features different elements. Elements need to be aware of are: plant landscape types of features is not only related to plant landscape types within the plant composition, and the internal structure of the plant individual arrangement has a lot to do. In addition, the same plants landscape type can have a completely different structure combination.

(2) the plant individual choice and layout

Whole plant landscape type layout selection is completed, will begin to design the composition of each plant landscape types, namely, to solve the problem of the selection and layout of the plant individual. Plant individual selection and layout problem is mainly to solve the following questions:

1, the choice of plant varieties,

The determination of 2, plant size,

3, the number of plants,

4, plant individual position location in the structure, etc.

1, choice of plant varieties

Plant species selection general procedure is as follows:

1) depending on the type of plant landscape layout, type of plant landscape statistics and plant landscape type analysis table data, comprehensive analysis for various types of landscape structure, determine the vegetation types and requirements, formulate vegetation types and requirements worksheet.

2) analysis to determine the configuration space of cold climate zone, and the main limiting factors of environment.

3) according to the field of cold area, the main limiting factors of environment, climate and vegetation types and asked for a worksheet to library data matching search with plants, determine the plant varieties of roughing.

4) according to the landscape functional and aesthetic requirements, further screening plant varieties.

5) to determine the main items for various types of plants

Main varieties are used to keep the unity of varieties, is the main body of a type of plant landscape architecture. Generally speaking, the main varieties of species number (say 20%), less similar degree is high, but the plant number (say 80%). Main plant varieties hardy level must be higher than that in the cold climate area level ground a level, at the same time to be able to field the main limiting factors have enough patience.

Main breeds and varieties of main points of each landscape type design area of the main varieties, the main varieties of design area refers to the dominant design area (area or space) landscape types of the main varieties.

6) to determine each plant types of secondary varieties

Secondary varieties are used to increase the variability of species, species number more (80%), but less number of plants (20%). Such as special needs, the secondary plant varieties of hardy level can be no higher than the site climate cold district level. Conditional small or cost is not high, can choose a few on limiting factors of field is mainly plant by the lack of patience.

Primary and secondary to breed distribution ratios are calculated respectively according to the landscape type.

7) determine the number of plant species

Promotes the principles of many plant communities in principle, but not plant variety, the more the better, put an end to piece together.

General village, 15 to 20 tree species, 15-20 shrub species, 15 to 20 perennial root or grass flower varieties have enough to meet the requirements of the ecological aspect. Of course, there are special provisions of the state, according to relevant regulations.

2, the determination of plant at the beginning of plant size

At home, the plant at the beginning of the planting size specification has no specific standards. More is according to customer's preferences and the designer's habit to determine.

Experienced designers can skillfully use some aesthetic ecological technique to determined comprehensively.

Trees, for example, foreign is passage of tree layer size is commonly order 6-8 cm in diameter of the complete plant. Considering the domestic habits, it is recommended that the tree layer by around 10-12 cm diameter size order complete plant suitable, generally not more than 14 to 15 cm. In order to meet the needs of timely effect, can use some technical methods, such as increase the number of large shrub (height 100 cm - 250 cm), increase the coverage, and so on. Tree in the processing aspects of ratio scale, try to shorten the specifications and minimum specifications plant the size of the largest gap.

3, the number of plants

Accurately determine the number plants with plant spacing is a highly relevant problems. In general, plants spacing determined by mature plant size. In the process of actual operation, can according to plant growth speed appropriate adjustments, but must not arbitrarily increasing planting density. Any time, adopt the method of increasing planting density to obtain timely effect is the most stupid method.

About plants at the beginning of plant and plant spacing and size specifications abroad is some habitual data for reference.

4, a position location in the structure of plant landscape types

According to the composition of landscape types and the composition characteristics of the plant itself will gave them to the appropriate location.

In this process, will be more involved in aesthetic design problems based on individual plants.

From the individual to build plant landscape type group combination, is a very complex work, at this stage if you can borrow some landscape type module, can greatly improve the work efficiency.

Modules can be through the simulation of the nature, the investigation and analysis before design or design modeling method. Modules in the warehouse before use must be an aesthetic or ecological test demonstrated. Modules as industrial goods passes the inspection system of quality assurance of parts or semi-finished products.

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