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The artificial Christmas trees
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The Christmas tree and Christmas
Data: 2014/3/10      Hit: 3600

Christmas tree, is the evergreen tree, the fir with lamps and accessories, or the pine decorations, it as part of the Christmas celebration.

      Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. German in every year on December 24, namely section, Adam and eve in the home to decorate an fir (the tree of the garden of Eden), will hang on crackers, symbol holy bread (christians sin tag). Modern use all kinds of cookies instead of wafer, but also often add symbol of Christ's candle. In addition, indoor Christmas tower, also has a triangle structure of wood, there are many small frame, the statue of Christ the redeemer in place, the towers are decorated with evergreens branches, candles and a star. To the 16th century, Christmas tower and the garden of Eden tree into the Christmas tree.
      The 18th century, the custom is quite popular in the German Lutheran believers, but only until the 19th century popular throughout the country, to become Germany's deep-rooted tradition. In the early 19th century, the Christmas tree to Britain; The middle of the 19th century of queen Victoria's husband, prince Albert, Germany to be popularized. Victorian Christmas tree decorated with candles, cakes, candy and designs with the ribbon and paper chains hanging on the branch. In the 17th century Christmas tree by German immigrants to North America, namely the popularity to the 19th century. In Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands were also popular. In China and Japan, the Christmas tree in the 19th and 20th century by American missionaries incoming, colorful paper flowers decorated with color more.
      According to the record of Christmas customs, the first Christmas tree, is a small white cold city roadside palm trees. In the first night, the church of the nativity of the virgin Mary and saint Joseph, walk to the white cold city, very tired, the virgin in the rest under the tree for a while, the small palm tree, like the appearance of the favored, expand its branches, to the virgin against the cold wind blows. That in the middle of the night that Jesus Christ was born. At that time, the sky appeared a particularly bright star, a wonderful light, direct shot to the small palm tree, hovering became a beautiful light. Since then, small palm tree at Christmas, this is for the one glorious position.
      As for the Christmas tree caught on around the world, is only the nineteenth century. Middle ages, the German popular religious drama, a scene in the garden of Eden, god created man, Adam and eve rebelled against god, play with the palm of a tree full of apples, represents the "tree of life" or "knowledge of good and evil tree". After the letter friends trick in the "tree of life" to go home, as a symbol of the coming of the messiah. Along with the development of the symbol, in the 15th century, decorating the Christmas tree, it has become a custom.

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